SingHealth Medical Technology Office (MTO) was created in 2013 with the aim of bringing novel healthcare technology solutions to the patients’ bedside. MTO offers a convenient, single point of contact by bringing together key partners and skill sets, both within the SingHealth cluster as well as outside it. As illustrated below, we liaise with multiple entities within the ecosystem to provide our collaborators with essential services in the development of new healthcare technologies.

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Connecting you to SingHealth

We enable partnerships between our healthcare providers and you – whether you come from academia, startups, MNCs, SMEs, investment groups etc. Such partnerships could encompass various aspects of the healthcare technology research and commercialization. We also work with government agencies such as EDB to help encourage overseas companies to establish clinical research initiatives.


Supporting your development goals
Our clinicians are key opinion leaders in their respective areas of specialisation and are actively involved in providing their perspectives and creative inputs. Several of our clinicians share appointments at the various national centers under SingHealth, enabling us to deploy strong cross-functional teams when finding solutions to clinical challenges. On campus, we bring in internal capabilities and resources such as animal and clinical trial facilities to help you effectively execute on your product development milestones.


Developing healthcare innovators
Within the SingHealth cluster, we help our clinicians, researchers and allied health professionals to further develop their ideas – whether they involve conceptualisation and prototyping, IP filing and licensing, or finding funding resources and external partners for collaboration and commercialization.

Through our partner office, the DDO (Device Development Office), we proactively engage clinicians from various departments to identify unmet clinical needs and to develop solutions. The DDO team consists of both engineers and clinicians, many of whom have been awarded the Singapore Stanford Biodesign Fellowship and have been trained in the needs-driven approach to innovation. With the aim of nurturing clinician innovators, DDO is actively engaged in educational and training events related to the development of healthcare technologies. To take these technologies further on the path to commercialization, we also maintain strategic partnerships with prototyping houses, incubators and accelerators in Singapore.

In a nutshell, we are your window into the region’s largest healthcare cluster, and a willing partner for taking your healthcare technology ideas further.



MTO offers the following services:

For SingHealth staff:

  • Education on the process of medical device innovation & commercialisation
  • Validation of clinical needs
  • Ideation and Prototyping
  • Assisting with clinical trials

For non-SingHealth collaborators:

  • Providing a convenient, single point of contact within the cluster
  • Clinical Needs Discovery & Validation
  • Project-based engagement with clinicians for their opinion
  • Identification of Technology Partners
  • Assisting with feasibility tests and clinical trials


Contact Us

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