SingHealth Flow Cytometry has services available to all SingHealth laboratories, as well as to local and international researchers. Besides comprehensive quantitative, multi-parameter fluroscence analysis and cell sorting services, the Core also provides basic lab equipment and Class II Biological Safety Cabinet for researchers to carry out basic sample preparation on-site.

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Full Service List & Prices

The flow cytometric assays offered by the Core aims to provide the community of researchers with a wide breadth of high-valued services. Interested users can find a comprehensive list of services and prices through the below link:

  1. SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC Users​
  2. ​External Academic Institutions (request via E-mail​)
  3. Commercial Partners

Resources and Capabilities

Flow Cytometry is equipped with state of the art cytometers – 2 cell analysers and also a flow cell-sorter:





  • BD LSRFortessa™
    Lasers - 355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 633nm
    18 colors – 3-UV, 6-Violet, 2-Blue, 4-Yellow-Green, 3-Red


  • BD™ LSR II
    Lasers - 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 633nm
    12 colors - 2-Violet, 2-Blue, 5-Yellow-Green, 3-Red


  • BD FACSAria™ III
    Encased in Biosafety Cabinet
    Lasers – 355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 633nm
    18 colours – 7-UV-Yellow Green, 6-Violet, 2-Blue, 3-Red


Some common applications of flow cytometry regularly performed here include:

  • Expression studies (eg. through use of flurochrome-conjugated antibodies or fluorescent proteins)
  • Apoptosis
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • High purity flow sorting for both live or fixed samples (2 to 4-way tube collection, multi-well plates)

Services Offered

Flow Cytometry offers the following services:

  1. Self-operated analysis
  2. Staff-assisted or drop-off service
  3. Training for end users who will gain the proficiency to execute their analyses independently.
  4. Staff-operated cell-sorting services for both live and fixed biological samples
  5. Analysis workstation (installed with Flowjo analysis software,Version 7 or 10)

Laboratory equipment at Flow Cytometry welcomes after-office usage and can be arranged with the core platform. For enquiries and further information on the services offered, please contact