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webcropdorothy.jpgVoices @ Research: My Research Path in Residency
In this edition of Voices, Dr Dorothy Ng, a Senior Resident of SingHealth Infectious Diseases reflects on her research track in residency. In her article, she pens the aspirations, difficulties, and opportunities which have taken her from medical school in London to a Junior Residency with Internal Medicine at Singapore General Hospital and an exciting stint in the Khoo Scholar programme, which gave her a research opportunity to explore dengue immunology and vaccinology research in Duke-NUS Medical School. 
lungcrop.jpg Making Prostate Cancer Cells Shine
After treatment, men with prostate cancer are regularly tested for a recurrence of the disease. According to a small pilot study by a team from SGH and National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), the gallium-68 PSMA ligand PET/CT scan, an enhanced nuclear imaging test, is able to detect cancerous areas "accurately and quickly", said Dr Winnie Lam, Senior Consultant, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, SGH.
Research Grand Rounds by SingHealth Office of Research SGH Treats First Patient in Asia with New Cord Blood Expansion Technique
​More than a third of patients worldwide die from cord blood transplants that contain a low number of stem cells. The new Nicord cord blood expansion technique which produces more stem cells could now offer patients with blood cancers a new hope. The team is currently working with six hospitals, including SGH, to recruit patients for their study.
tychancrop.jpg Ground-breaking Discovery on Y90-RE Radiation Therapy by Singapore Team
A multidisciplinary team of researchers from National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), Translational Immunology Institute (TII) and Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have discovered ground-breaking translational research that Yttrium-90 radioembolisation (Y90-RE), a form of radiation therapy  increases anti-cancer immunity and improves tumour response in liver cancer patients. The team also reported the conclusion of a six-year long, 11-country Asia-Pacific phase-III clinical trial led by NCCS.
Shortening the Wait for Infectious Diseases Cures
Local biotechnology company Tychan has come up with a Zika drug that might shorten the wait for a remedy to the disease. Tyzivumab was fit for clinical trials in just nine months and is now wrapping up phase 1a trials. Started in February, the drug was tested for safety and dosage on healthy volunteers, and will soon be embarking on phase 1b to test the drug on Zika patients.
diabetes.jpg First-ever Clinical Tool Developed to Identify Nose Cancer 
NPC, also known as nasopharynx cancer, is the 7th most frequent cancer in males in Singapore. Scientists from National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), in collaboration with Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Centre (SYSUCC), have developed a first-ever validated clinical tool that helps clinicians identify relapse patients with aggressive NPC resistant to a repeat course of radiotherapy. "..Our prognostic model can also be used as a patient stratification or selection tool in future clinical trials for patients with locally recurrent NPC," Dr Tan Sze Huey, co-investigator and principal biostatistician at NCCS.