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At SingHealth, we are committed to serving the needs of patients by pushing the frontiers of medicine. We are pacesetters in translational and clinical research, so that we can offer better clinical care and outcomes to patients today and for generations to come.

Collaborating with us offers many unique advantages:

  • Ready access to a large and diverse patient pool – SingHealth institutions have more than four million patient visits a year
  • SingHealth Investigational Medicine Unit is the largest public sector early phase clinical research facility in Singapore.
  • SingHealth Tissue Repository is one of the largest human tissue and serum repositories in Southeast Asia.
  • Pool of experienced investigators with dedicated research time, many of whom are opinion leaders in their fields and who jointly published more than 800 articles in peer-reviewed journals in 2011.
  • Vibrant research community with more than 900 staff
  • Full spectrum of research facilities available, enabling discoveries from bench to bedside

Whether you are a PI, academic institution or commercial company looking to conduct research on Singapore’s largest translational and clinical research campus, we offer tailored support services to make working with us easy and efficient.

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