SingHealth Office of Intellectual Property (SHIP) is a technology transfer office that is part of the Translational and Clinical Research Hub. It oversees the protection and commercialisation of intellectual property assets that belong to SingHealth institutions. Headed by Dr Guy Heathers, SHIP provides guidance and service to clinicians and researchers on IP protection (e.g. patents, trademarks), management of contracts and commercialisation of SingHealth’s assets.

SHIP aims to promote a culture of innovation by translating research discoveries from SingHealth institutions into beneficial products for patients and the public.

Since its establishment in 2005, more than 10 biomedical products and devices have been licensed and developed, including the Tan EndoGlideTM, a novel device used in cornea transplant surgery, and a heart-rate monitoring device for patients in the emergency room that assesses their risk of imminent cardiac arrest.


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SHIP provides the following services:
  • Evaluate invention disclosures for patent protection
  • Prior Art Search
  • Patent filing, prosecution and maintenance
  • Negotiate IP and commercialization rights in research agreements
  • Promote SingHealth’s technologies for licensing
  • Identify and conduct due diligence on potential licensee
  • Structure and negotiate licensing deals to ensure intellectual property assets are developed to the benefit of patients and to facilitate rewards for further research


If you believe that your invention has the potential to be protected through a patent application, SHIP would advise you to complete and submit the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) together with any relevant documents. You may contact SHIP for advice.

An invention disclosure will remain as a confidential document, and should fully document your invention so that the options for commercialisation can be evaluated and pursued.

Licensing opportunities for partners

Some of the most prolific research teams at SingHealth work in the areas of liver cancer, antibiotics for ocular infections, rehabilitation devices and stem cell research for cardiovascular diseases, which account for the majority of SHIP’s more than 60 technologies.


You may view several of our SingHealth Tech Offers here. If you are interested in any of these technologies, please contact SHIP.