SingHealth Office of Intellectual Property (SHIP) is the technology transfer office at SingHealth HQ. SHIP is responsible for managing, protecting and commercialising intellectual property (IP) assets from all the institutions under SingHealth. 

Our activities support one of SingHealth's core visions: Innovate to Advance, by enabling SingHealth clinicians and researchers to move their inventions towards improving the lives of patients and delivering better healthcare. There are clear benefits to being involved in the development of new technologies but it can take time and effort. To that end, our support aims to make it easier for you to be involved in the innovation process. SHIP provides a range of services.


For SingHealth Staff

SHIP is able to guide you in protecting your invention and moving it along the commercialisation pathway. Most research with commercial potential will require patent protection. In order to secure a strong position, a patent application must be filed before you publish or publicly disclose your invention. See our Guide for Inventors for further information.

While a solid patent position is vital, it is equally important to have a strategy to get the invention moved towards a commercial application. Most technologies are suited for licensing to established companies who aim to develop the technology into a product for the market. We are able to support you in identifying your invention's commercial applications and reaching out to potential partners. Some types of innovation can form the basis of a new company, and we can assist in this process.

It is never too early to get in touch as we can engage with you at any stage of your project's development. You can meet with us to discuss your idea in confidence and we can guide you on the next steps. Otherwise, you can complete an Invention Disclosure Form as a basis for starting the discussion. You can contact us via email.


For Industry

SHIP is the portal through which you can access the robust pipeline of technologies arising from SingHealth. We work with leading clinicians and researchers from the institutions under SingHealth and have an ever-changing portfolio of technologies across a diverse range of clinical fields which are available for licensing or co-development.

We welcome enquiries from companies sourcing solutions in their area of interest or who are looking for ways to engage with SingHealth on innovation development. You can contact us via email.