The Infectious Diseases Research Institute (IDRI)

The newly established SingHealth Duke-NUS Infectious Diseases Research Institute (IDRI) is a joint institute between SingHealth and Duke-NUS Medical School under the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC) matrix. 

IDRI is co-led by Professor Wang Linfa (Duke-NUS Medical School), Associate Professor Tan Thuan Tong (SingHealth) and Dr Sng Li-Hwei (SingHealth). 

Key Objectives
  • The Joint Institute seeks to provide leadership, strategic direction and coordination for infectious diseases research collaborations between SingHealth and Duke-NUS.  
  • To serve as a bridge between SingHealth Infectious Diseases Centre (SIDC) and the Duke-NUS Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) Programme.
  • To be each other’s committed partners for Infectious Diseases (ID) research within the AMC with the current areas of focus being emerging infections as well as the prevention and treatment of infections by multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO).

Key Strategies


ViREMiCs is a world-class viral and experimental medicine research centre that supports the development and licensing of therapeutics and vaccines. ViREMiCS integrates cutting-edge research in Duke-NUS and SingHealth to optimise the translation of bench to bedside medicine and improve health outcomes.

For more information regarding ViREMiCS, please click here to view the corporate site. 

For more details about IDRI, please click here to view our brochure. 

Contact Information

For collaborations and/or inquiries, please contact:

Ms Simi Issac

Manager, Infectious Diseases Research Institute (IDRI)


DID: +65 6601 5385