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Translational research at SingHealth

At SingHealth, we specialise in translating basic scientific outcomes into drugs and diagnostic tools that are ready to enter the clinical trial phase.Our core research platforms, such as SingHealth Experimental Medicine Centre (SEMC) or SingHealth Tissue Repository (STR), are key enablers in our researchers’ achievements.

Clinical trials at SingHealth

A key driver of clinical research, SingHealth is the largest public healthcare provider in Singapore. Clinical trials at SingHealth are supported by an experienced team of clinicians and clinical trials coordinators. Our trial monitors proactively track ongoing trials to ensure that the conduct of these trials meet the highest standards.

We are a strategic partner to many industry and academic partners seeking to carry out regulated clinical trials. We have participated in numerous studies, ranging from highly specialised phase Is to global multi-centre phase IIIs, some of which were used for product registration.

On our two campuses at SGH and KKH, our PIs conduct more than 100 clinical high quality clinical trials a year, which account for almost 50 per cent of the national total.

Collaborate with us

If you would like to work with our researchers on any of our 42 medical areas through multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary collaboration on translational or clinical research, here is how you can get in touch with us:

To browse SingHealth Investigational Medicine Unit’s (IMU) services that may support your trial, please click here.

Connect with a SingHealth PI

To find a suitable collaborator, scroll through our database of PIs to see who shares your research interest. 

Funding opportunities

For information on funding opportunities for your research collaboration with SingHealth PIs, please click here.

Research resources

  • Grantsmanship

The following list of resources is to assist both new and veteran investigators in writing grant proposals in order to optimize their chances of successfully competing in a peer reviewed grant application competition. Click here to view the full list.

Forms required for research

  • Translational research

    For access to animal models, please click here to view IACUC forms

  • For SingHealth PIs only:
    For access to human biospecimens, please click here to view the withdrawal forms

  • Clinical trials (with or without CT Certificate from HSA)

    If you are conducting a clinical trial at SingHealth, please:
    • Click here to view Institutional Review Board application forms
    • Click here to contact SingHealth IMU