Academic Medicine Research Institute

Academic Medicine Research Institute (AMRI) is a one stop research enabler in the AMC that provides administration and scientific technical support to the research community in the AMC. These research support functions resides within SingHealth and its member institutions, as well as in Duke-NUS Medical School.


Research Administration and Coordination
The research administration offices in SingHealth Group and Duke-NUS provide administrative and coordination support to the other research enablers and the research community in the AMC, in accordance with applicable corporate policies and guidelines in respective organisations. Together they guide and help researches navigate through the corporate processes to ease the challenges that researchers and their teams face during the conduct of research.

Ethics and Compliance
Ethics and Compliance are necessary to ensure research quality is maintained. A breach of legislations, policies and guidelines during the conduct of research can be costly the organization. The compliance function ensures that any research that are subject to the Human Biomedical Research Act (HBRA) adheres to applicable legislations, policies and guidelines; while the ethics boards reviews research protocols that ensures all human research are carried out ethically without causing unnecessary harm to the research subjects; in accordance with applicable national and international ethics guidelines.

Scientific Technical Support
The purpose of core research platforms is to provide our research community with adequate technical or scientific support, so that they have an edge over their competition in the discovery of new knowledge that could eventually be translated into benefits for our patients. Together with the research administration colleagues, the core research platforms work together to deliver scientific technical support to our researchers in a safe and reliable manner.

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation
The protection of intellectual property is required before an invention is incubated, tested and commercialized in accordance with applicable patent policies, legislations and guidelines. Commercialisation is an essential step towards translating the research outputs into clinically viable outcomes or solutions